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Polymer Dolls in My Collection

These are not for sale

I have been making some dolls from polymer clay (Fimo) then I bake them, dress and wog and paint them. Here are a few that I have been working on lately. Clay dolls may be cheaper, but they are a lot of work when sculpting, especially the faces and hands.

The first doll is for my Victorian Townhouse that I made with my local miniature club. She is dressed in Black, but my camera likes to think black is blue and brown is purple. Who knows why :)

Her hair is a light brown, like a 'mousy brown.'Her silk flowers are cream, tan and peach.

They are all polymer clay with scraps of fabric that I had laying around.

Then I am 'working' on a woman who will be wearing a nightgown, unfinished she is below........
Dressed, but no trims yet, and I may not keep this hair...

And close up of her face.........

Some very, very small dolls' dolls...

Thanks for stopping by!!!           ~ Michelle

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