Miniature Crochet for The Serious Miniature Collector

Meet Michelle Blohm, IGMA Artisan in Dollhouse Miniature Crochet

This is me, Michelle, an active dollhouse miniaturist and I make all the little dollhouse items you see here. I'm also known as "Mom The Taxi" to 3 boys and have many, many, many 'crafty hobbies' such as dollhouse construction, sewing, woodcrafting, crocheting, sculpting.... ALWAYS BUSY!!!!
(And wouldn't have it any other way)

Michelle Blohm is a Crochet Artisan in Needlework.
This is Michelle Blohm, pictured with some favorite dollhouse
miniature pieces and another new favorite,
the IGMA Artisan Certficate in Miniature Crochet

Contact me by e-mailing:

Areas of Recognition

  • Published:
         miniature crochet for dollhousesDollhouse Miniatures Magazine
  • Recognized:
         miniature crochet for dollhousesArtisan with the I.G.M.A. (International Guild of Miniature Artisans)
  • Previously serving as an Officer of Boca Raton based:
         miniature crochet for dollhouses Les Petits Collecteurs of South Florida
  • Member:
         miniature crochet for dollhousesN.A.M.E. (National Association for Miniature Enthusiasts)
  • Miniature Show Workshop & Project Demo Instructor
  • Quoted: in Hobby Builder's Supply Ad in Dollhouse Miniatures
  • Advertisement: Miniature Collector Magazine for I.G.M.A.
  • Traveling Display/Speaker: Mensa Regional Gathering Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Mention: Dollhouse Miniatures 'NetNotes' for
  • Mention: American Miniaturist for
  • Interview: Channel 25, Eyewitness News for Les Petits Miniature Show
  • Webmaster/Contributor: Various Dollhouse & Miniature Websites
         miniature crochet for "The Online Source for Miniaturists"
         miniature crochet for dollhousesJeannette Fishwick's Miniature Knitting "Truly Australia's Finest"
         miniature crochet for dollhousesBlohm Design "Handcrafted Dollhouse Miniature Crocheted Accessories"


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