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My Private Collection of Dollhouse Miniatures

Medford Dollhouse Miniature The Medford House
A modern country style dollhouse...almost finished. Take the tour.

Rommbox Dollhouse Miniature The Gingham Room
Made for my mother with things from other projects with hardly any cost, I mean less than $15.00! But a lot of time went in! Come see this roombox...

Shop Dollhouse Miniature Crochet and Yarn Shoppe
The House That a Different 'Jack' Built! This one is going to be great, but its going to take some time!

Gardening Dollhouse Miniature Hatbox Potting Shed
Made from a cardboard hatbox from Michael's, very neat project.

McKinley Dollhouse Miniature Dolls I Sculpt from Polymer Clay
For fun I like to make these, they are not for sale though.

Child's Dollhouse Miniature Little Starter Dollhouse
A Birthday gift dollhouse for a friend's niece.

Scale Dollhouse Miniature Sears Robuck House
N Scale small house- these were Sears Catalog houses! Close, if not the same, as 1:144th scale.

Toy shop Dollhouse Miniature General Store / Toy Shop
Renovated and reconstructed to be a toy shop. This piece gets displayed all over town!

Farmhouse Dollhouse Miniature Monica's Colonial Farmhouse
Donated to my dear friend, Monica, because I know she will finish it beautifully and love it like I would have.

Vignette Dollhouse Miniature Vignette Display
A club project, from my miniatures group sold on eBay.

McKinley Dollhouse Miniature McKinley Wall House
A Christmas Gift for my nieces, they are grown now. I don't think this interests them much anymore.

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