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Never throw away anything until you have looked at it in every angle, then still don't throw it away. The weirdest fun can evolve from trash, and I have to tell you... some of these these ideas are very 'trashy'. You can come up with the wildest things to make out of just about anything.....even the guts of a burned out lightbulb! Did you know there is a little tiny "wine glass shaped thingie" in there????

I am trying my hand at making it into something.....I will put it here when I figured out what to do with it.

OK, here are few ideas that I have found work well if you're on a budget or if you just like to make things:

Doll house and room box carpet on a budget

  • Upholstry fabrics make great carpet for dollhouses, the price is very right for the small bit you need. I have found some great white and off-white to use for Berber, and some nice lightly textured stuff, that's great for sculpted carpet.
  • Fringe for carpets, get a piece of ribbon, and cut evenly along one side length-wise, fray it and glue under outer edge.
  • Crocheted Doillies over carpet that's already there looks fabulous in a Victorian house.
  • Heavy fabric frayed at two ends make a great oriental style carpet. The heavier fabrics usually have white threads that are woven over, so the fringe ends up white. PERFECT!
  • Carpet Runners can be made up or down step and staircases with ornate ribbon...I used the tapestry kind with a floral motif down the middle and an ornate edge at each side down my staircase, it was very pretty.

Doll House Bedding

  • Flanel blankets can be made from felt, then sew a strip of plain 1/2 inch ribbon that encases one end, it works like the satin binding on a real flanel blanket.
  • A piece of lace glued around the bottom edge of a bed makes a great bedskirt.
  • Use the same type of lace and sew it inside a small pillow case and it looks professional.

Christmas Wrappings for your room boxes and doll house settings

  • This is cute, take a small pice of plain wrapping paper from any holiday, cut a small piece about 2 inches by 1.5 inches. Roll it so it's still 2 inches long and glue it. And for ribbons, take an old bow and take it apart. Then take a 3 inch piece, and cut it longways straight so you have small strips of ribbons. Then leave the mess on a table in your dollhouse and maybe wrap one little shape as a gift...looks like the little people are having an occasion!


  • If you're not a FIMO or Tissue Paper artist to make plants, try this....I take some dried flower bunches, even Baby's Breath, and paint them...makes them last and gives them a lot of color. You need only dab gently with a sponge brush. Then plant them in a little painted toothpaste cap or terra cotta pot.
  • Some really great pottery for your plants can come from the tops from many bottles or tubes.

Ok, that's all the "trash" I'm going to talk about for now.....

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