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Dollhouse Was a General Store....But now it's a Toy Shop!

This was going to be a they seemed to be selling all of the stuff that got kicked out of the bigger house (The Medford).

My son laid down for his nap, and since I don't get a lot of time for myself so I took advantage of it! I electrified, wallpapered, repaired the staircase, it was glued all wrong, and decorated in 2 very enjoyable hours. I added lighting painted the walls pale yellow and wallpapered the larger walls with a very pretty delicate flower pattern. But it still wasn't quite what I wanted......

Now....Welcome to the Toy Shoppe, Est in 2001

Now we bang down all the walls. Yes, with a hammer, and start making it into something smaller and a little more fun:

Dollhouse General Store Photo 1

By using angles and stucco finish, it's starting to look like something very authentic. Don't you think?

Dollhouse General Store Photo 2
A close up of the wallpaper and border.

Dollhouse Toy Shop Photo 3

The floor is undone both in and out. It will probably be a coffee stirrers, since I like to use those. Outside will have a sidewalk and some light landscaping. Now we make some trim and decorate a little to help get some ideas going:

Dollhouse Toy Shop Photo 4

A nice sign out front says "Toy Shoppe, Est. 2001" Some Topiaries at the door to show you that they charge a lot for everything inside.

Dollhouse Toy Shop Photo 5
Corey loves to play here. ( he is 10 now, this was when he was 4)

March 2002 - Let's get it ready it for a show or two...I will use Coffee Stirrers for the flooring, and put some colorful toys everywhere.

Dollhouse Toy Shop Photo 6
Looking through the side, the roof come off also and has spot lights in it. All wiring is attached to the roof, so I can acually leave that off for a show when I cant plug it in. The kids that visit really enjoy this shop.

Dollhouse Toy Shop Photo 7
Now its complete!

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