My  Irish  Bóithrín

(My Irish Pathway)

Explore the Sounds of Ireland

Here are some of the most traditional Irish instruments still enjoyed today!
If you visit any of the many festivals or pubs while you're there, you'll
be able to enjoy this music that tells stories of long ago legends.


Irish Uilleann Pipes have the greatest visibility worldwide as opposed to the Scottish ones. Bagpipes are in the aeropohones class of musical instruments and use enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a chanter (bag). The instrument seems to have been invented around the 14th century.


The bodhran drum evolved from the tambourine to what it is today, from a short a history of around 1850 and originating in the southwest of Ireland. Made of ash, holly or hickory with a top made from goatskin and struck with a 'tipper' or a bare hand. A truly lively instrument - sure to get any crowd into the festivities.

Penny Whistle

Also called the "tin whistle" this flute has only 6 holes and has it's name because it used to cost a penny to buy one, making it as ubiquitous as the harmonica in most households. Today, they can be quite extravagant and even collectables. The the major motion picture The Lord of the Rings, the tin whistle can be heard symbolizing the Shire.