Heirloom Boutique

Knitting and Crochet Classes

Do you want to learn to knit or crochet?

We welcome students of any age and telent to attend any of our workshops, from those who are just starting out or the advanced stitchers looking to learn some new techniques.

Our very talented instructors with decades of experience in pattern reading, problem solving and error correcting.

On your first day, you'll be well on your way to creating several stitches and some basic skills to help you complete a beginner project, with ease.

Contact us to ask about our workshops in both knitting or crochet.

Chart and vintage lace replication

Maybe you've stumbled across a 100 year old pattern that doesn't make sense - well not to worry - we can help you translate it into today's stitch glossary with ease.

Some of the finest designs are from an earlier era, but the patterns were written before there were stitch definitions, fitting guides, yardage estimates and even gauge swatching.

We're scheduled for several stitching events through the year, so if you happen upon our booth, please stop in and say, "Hi!".

Contact us to ask about our workshops in lace replication.

Do you have a handmade shawl in need of repair?

Sadly, these things happen, but luckily we most likely, can match your fiber, weight, color and stitch pattern well enough to repair that favorite shawl for you.

Let us know a brief history on the shawl, if you know it, as it can help us find the correct fiber better.

You will need to take close-up photos of your problem and email them to us for more information and a price quote.

Contact us to ask about handmade lace repair.