Charming Howdy's

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions about our website. If you don't find your answer below, please contact us.

What is a Charming Howdy?
A Charming Howdy is a message, sent via email to a recipient the sender chooses to send to. Like a greeting card, but an email one.
Am I allowed to send more than one greeting?
YES! Send as many as you like. Not only is it allowed, but we encourage it!
Do I have to pay to use this website?
No. The Charming Howdy is free to use at this time.
What if my friend never recieved their Howdy?
Please the recipient to check their spam folder, and if it's still not there, please send us their email address and we can find out what happened. If you still have time, feel free to send yourself a Howdy, then forward it to them. Some email provders may hold emails or block some senders.
When will you have more holidays to choose from?
Our site was just launched, but we're always coming up with new images for holidays, so bookmark us and come visit again soon!