Miniature Crochet for The Serious Miniature Collector
I guess I spend a lot of time with miniatures. 

Wasting time? Obsessed? 

Well, I don't think so. 
However...non-miniaturist people that I know would say otherwise.

If I say, "I shingled a dollhouse I am working on this weekend. Boy, it turned out great!" 
I usually get a look and a smile. 
I know what they are really thinking , "She's nuts." or "She needs a life."

I think if you have something that makes you happy and you can share it with others, you could not ask for much more. 
That is what I believe life's about, and if you are lucky enough to ever find that, you may just be onto something.

I've taken film canisters and turned them into neat 'step trash cans'.
Just one Scrap of wood and a nail file have made me...
Purple Martins for my miniature birdfeeder, a gentleman's pipe, a lighthouse carving for a desk, a birdhouse, a yo-yo, a table, a chair (or several), picture frames, a shelf........and much more. 
Upholstry fabric swatches for carpeting, and felt scraps for wool blankets. 
Fimo for dolls, vases, plates, toilet plungers, bricks, bars of soap, lamps, pacifiers, roller skates and boots, etc...
Coffee stirrers for plank flooring that would make a carpenter jealous.....
I didn't do it for any reason but one; it made me happy and I was challenged. When I am done, unlike TV, I have walked away with something tangeable that I can cherish for many years or even pass down. 
That's enough for me.

My dollhouse looks great and is full of wonderful minis made by me.  

I can make $$,$$$, yes in the tens of thousands of dollars in a year on my miniatures, how much do people make sitting around complaining?

I think I feel sorry for healthy people who have no passion for anything and just go day to day. 
Get up, eat, go to work, eat, come home, eat, do chores, watch T.V., and go to bed.
I can only say, how unproductive. Get a hobby for Pete's Sake! You may actually find some of the best friends you have ever known.

Maybe we over indulge in this hobby, but after all, these are miniatures, which covers everything under the sun, just smaller. If you played with Barbies or Hot Wheels, you played minis. What a vast little hobby it can be for anyone! Plus this little stuff is so darn cute! It's not a waste of time.
Now that I have met people with the same interest,
I have found that I am not "NUTS" or "OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE". 

I am truly a MINIATURIST.
And I am happy (see?)

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