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The Potting Shed

You take an ordinary Hat Box for about $7.00 at the local craft shop, and you have a blast!

This little room box went to the auction table before Christmas 1999 on Ebay! Hated to see it go, but I have no room to store them all!

Dollhouse Miniature The Potting Shed Picture 1

Welcome to the Potting Shed! This little room box was made from a craft hat box and the flooring is wood paneled for a cozy look. It's electrified, with all hidden wires and has two lights with simulated chain pulls. The potting bench and stool are made from basswood, and are to 1:12 scale.

Dollhouse Miniature The Potting Shed Picture 2

It is filled with little gradening treasures that I made or had about from other small projects. Inside there are fabric gardening gloves, a wagon, a birdfeeder, gardening hat, tools, and many pots...even some workboots of clay and many potted plants and flowers. Even a broken flower pot that the cat on the shelf (which I have had for 25 years) knocked over, with the dirt spilled out, best part is it's all one piece and can be moved about!

Dollhouse Miniature The Potting Shed Picture 3

This is the 'arial' vew so the wiring can be seen. It's all hidden in a ceiling beam that is hollow and uncovered at the top. There is a transformer attached to the back so it can be plugged in. The bulbs are replaceable. It was done this way so the lighting can be maintained easily, but hides all of the electrical stuff.

Dollhouse Miniature The Potting Shed Picture 4

There is a lovely ribbon bow that adorns the top like a ribbon candy.

Dollhouse Miniature The Potting Shed Picture 5

This is what the whole scene looks like from the front, has door moulding around the opening and white picket fencing evenly spaced around the entire bottom edge. The garden hose makes a nice touch!

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