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McKinley Wall House Doll House

Why I don't recommend it to anyone...ever.

Unless for course...

  1. You actually enjoy splinters and I mean tons of them, so I wore gloves and had them somehow anyway, in the arms, too
  2. You like to feel like a total idiot when following directions
  3. You enjoy sorting thru @20 sheets of wooden parts for the tiniest piece of trim
  4. You like to go thru an entire process, and then you want to paint and the wood is so thin and lousy, the piece warps or worse, you paint it, and it no longer fits, so you have to sand it again!
  5. You like to 'wood fill' tons of notches and slots all over the place. 
  6. You like having doors and windows that look like Hansel and Grettel's house. These were not a normal shape, so you can't buy working or quality ones.

If you like all of these things, you should rush out and get one, right away! *smile*

Now for the disclaimer or appology

Many people have made them, and fine with me....I hated this experience and it only got worse after that. So to everyone who loves theirs, I am happy for you, extremely (No need to e-mail me to tell me how wonderful an experience it was) but as far as my experience...never, never, again.

McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 1

This is a McKinley Wall House...does not have a front or back but it hangs up on a wall. It's still full size, but very light in weight. This was a kit that you punch out the pieces, sand them, then assemble them. I would never make one of these again....They're just not my style and I really don't like the quality of windows, doors or wood that was in this kit. I was surprised that some of the pieces that are supposed to be oval for the tower windows were very out of shape when they were cut. Just not worth the money. This kit sells for about $90.00 or so, unless on sale. I only paid 40+ shipping in an auction, so I will stop complaining right there.

It's for my nieces for Christmas, right now I have put some old furniture in just to try to help me plan the colors, carpet and stuff. I hope they like still has quite a bit to go. There is a stairway that goes in the bottom room, living room, against the wall.

McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 2

There are little drawers underneath, which I will paint to match the house. But the last drawer does not line up right, so hubby is going to "make it fit"....The house is off white, with forest green & Cocoa trim. The colors are quite victorian and I know the girls will like that.The furniture you see here is not necessarily what will be in the house when they get it on Christmas morning....I am currently shopping ebay for inexpensive furniture for them, so they will have some new stuff for it.

McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 3 McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 4

Decided to put some shingles on, since it was looking quite bare. I wanted to put them on before I did the tower roof, since it seemed it would be too hard to get behind it. Next step is to paint the windows and get them in now that all the wallpaper is done.

McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 5

This is the little kitchen, some old furniture and it's very country. Going to add some chair rail where the paper stops.

McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 6

Ok, all done...Some more furniture will go in. I decided not to make it to frilly and left off the roof trim and lattice on the drawers, but I think they will be happy with it.

McKinley Wallhouse Dollhouse 7

Mollie loves her dollhouse, Sarah might not be as enthused, but I think she was very surprised. Mollie had so many questions, and seems to like the flowers. Sarah really was excited about the bedroom being decorated with an "American Girl" theme.

And from the bottom of my heart.....
I hope they enjoy it as they grow as much as I hated making it.

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