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Dollhouse Miniature Yarn and Thread Shop

I make and receive so many crocheted pieces that are just too special to sell or give away, this little dollhouse yarn and thread shop will be a showcase of those special pieces.

I always wanted a little house from "The House That Jack Built" dollhouse company and so "Jack" built me this one! Thank you "Jack" for making it for me from my simple and silly little pencil lines.

Miniature Crochet Shop -Photo 1

Bare floors with the wallpaper (scrap booking paper) on the walls. Simple flat basswood for chair rail with the hard lines sanded off to round it slightly.

Miniature Crochet Shop -Photo 2

The palest pretty yellow carpet for only $1 as a show special, how perfect! One of my favorite colors.

Miniature Crochet Shop -Photo 3

The trims and door and window will be all in white.

Miniature Crochet Shop -Photo 4

A light blue, but with a hint of hot pink mixed in so it shows as a bit lavender in person and goes well with the wallpaper inside. Blue is the other favorite color of mine.

Now back to work I go.....

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