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The Gingham Room, For my Mom

A few pictures of how the Gingham Room was made...

Just an ordinary Box, made from plywood, not even good plywood, found in my garage. This is a little 1:12 room box that I made with my "Birthday Saw" and my "Birthday Sander". On the walls are scraps or fabric from a sundress I made.

Well, this picture shows the first day...hmmm...needs some help.

Mom loves ceiling fans, I remember when they first started becoming popular, we had them in every room that one could fit. So we had to have one in here, too.

Let's make some furniture!

I love to make picket fence beds, my mother enjoys country decor.

A handmade armiore, this was a bit hard to do, but worth it.


And Decorate that window...with a simple flower box. Mom's favorite flowers are daisies, but I know she likes black-eyed-susans also.

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