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The Gingham Room, For my Mom

Michelle Blohm and Kathy Reeves

Built for my mother, (Kathleen Reeves or Kathy, Kat, Aunt Kat, and Mom to me), when she was just beginning treatment for breast cancer, this little room was to remind her that she was very special and thought of often. Many people cared for her, but I wish I could have lived closer. This was my way of reminding her that I am thinking of her all the time.

Everything in this roombox is handmade, there is nothing store bought. My mom loved the idea of "Waste not, want not". What fun to make something out of stuff laying around or leftover from other projects and get something so nice, for someone so special.

Many unique touches would go in here, and I would send little miniature 'presents' every few days, while our family was waiting out this disease with her.

May 23, 2001

On May 23, 2001 Mom lost her battle with breast cancer. Even knowing how sick she was, I was devastated, but I did have some comfort knowing she no longer suffers and is now at peace. Surrounded by people who loved her dearly, she was with my sister, her sister and I when she died.

Her husband asked to keep the roombox for a while since she loved it so. It was displayed at her viewing and many people commented on how special it was to her. That meant the world to me. Since then, it's been returned to me and it took me 2 days to open the box. But now it's displayed in my carft studio.

I can't help but say, I lost my biggest fan. Please view the photos below and enjoy this little gift from a daughter to her mother....

About the Roombox and the Little Things in it:

See the Construction Pictures here

Mom received the roombox on June 20, 2000 and she was very happy to have it! I didn't mind giving it away, since I know I will see it again on my trips home and because it would be enjoyed so much. I still wonder if she had any idea?

Late July - Her First Holy Communion in miniature. About 1 inch tall. The original hangs in my living room in full size. Some little dresses were delivered in early July, for the armoire.

August - A desk to go with a rush seat white chair. Mom writes letters a lot.
The letter is an actual letter from her to me on stationary paper, with a matching envelope and a pencil.

September 2000 - I brought this little girl with me when my mother had her surgery and I came 'home' to help her after it. This little girl has braids and a teethy smile, a smile so big just for Mom! Her hands look like that because she will hold a book and sit at her desk.

March 2001 - On this trip home, I wanted to bring something special. Well, if you taught your daughter to crochet, and she sold miniature crocheted items on her website, wouldn't you expect to get one of these little goodies by now??? But, of course! Here is Mom's little granny square blanket for her picket bed, measures about 2.5 inches x 5 inches. Drapes over the end of the bed.

  • The wall paper, bedding and curtains are from fabric I had left from a sewing project.
  • The floor is coffee stirrers, stained and clear coated.
  • The dress form or manequin is shaped with a Dremmel from balsa
  • Ceiling Medalian is made from Fimo, and pressed with the tops of my silverware.
  • The lamp is shaped and baked in Fimo clay, then added some left over pleated fabric from the bed skirt for the shade.
  • The window was combined from several broken ones out of the Medford house.
  • The Glass on the front is an old picture frame, hinged on with glass.
  • Everything was made, not bought...

More things went into it as time went on, but we became too busy for pictures.

See the Construction Pictures here

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